Welcome to the TattooPro™ Stencil System

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Welcome to the TattooPro™ Stencil System

Anyone Can Now Create Realistic Tattoos in Minutes!
Live body art always draws a crowd and we guarantee: No crowd has ever seen a performance like the one you can provide using the TattooPro™ airbrush stencil system.  These incredible designs can be done in minutes – providing you with incredible earning potential at festivals, trade shows and private events.

Welcome to A New Era of Airbrush Tattoos

The unique quality of the TattooPro Stencil system, is the use of both positive and negative stencils.   Never before has a body art stencil line offered both the cut-out and the shape itself as told to use in creating airbrush artwork!
By utilizing both positive and negative stencils, the artist is able to create depth and dimension like never before!

The TattooPro Stencil System is for YOU if you enjoy working with adults, if you always wanted to pretend to be a real tattoo artist, or always have people ask you if you do real tattoos!  Now you can provide realistic looking tattoos to that huge target market of adults who are looking to live the fantasy of what it would be like to be ‘tattooed’ for the weekend!

We are just like you, we listen to what our clients ask for ~ tattoos ~ they all want tattoos but are too scared to get one, or just want to try it out!  We have all been waiting for a product like this to offer our clientele – now, thanks to the TattoPro Stencil System, we can all say with confidence to even the most discerning clients: ” You want a tattoo?  I have something you are going to love!”

Makeup Artists ~ Airbrush Artists ~ Face Painters ~ Body Painters ~ Tattoo Artists
This is a perfect addition to your already existing makeup or bodyart business offerings!
Every Halloween I always get a client who asks to be painted as a Tattooed Lady themed body painting.  This type of body art request would take so long and using traditional cake makeup, and the tattoos would often be ruined before the night is over!  When you use an alcohol based airbrush makeup along with the TattooPro Stencils – not only will the tattoos last for days, but most importantly it will only take a fraction of the time!

Teenagers love this type of body art because they live out the fantasy of being old enough to actually get a tattoo – when tattoos look this real, it’s easy to see why they can get caught up in the fantasy!  Perfect entertainment for corporate parties, bar mitzvahs, and sweet sixteens – the world has never seen body art like this before… start the FREE training NOW so you can be the FIRST to offer it to clients in your area and get all the TOP gigs!

Tattoo artist can offer this service at conventions to make extra money at their booth while your traditional artists are taking long periods of time digging in to skin, train your apprentice to airbrush the lineup of people who will never be brave enough for the real deal,  and watch your booth make hundreds of extra dollars!

Festival Painters who offer airbrush shirts, shoes, and hats – look no further!  Add the TattooPro Stencil System to your designs and cut your painting time in half while doubling the complexity of your designs!

These stencil work great on paper, card stock and canvas as well!  Create dozens of canvases in a day!  Make custom invitations!  The earning potential is invaluable with the TattooPro Stencil System, the bonus for the Artist is that these stencils are so fun to use!

Bold Beautiful Art Made Easy!

Many people complain that airbrush tattoos are boring to do. Yes – they were.  The TattooPro Stencil System is so unique in that you can mix and match designs for other kits to create ENDLESS variations of tattoos.  Even piecing together tattoos from one single kit has countless combinations of designs!  Each stencil kit comes with a design sheet for the artist to study in addition to the designs that you can learn to easily replicate from the TattooPro YouTube free online training videos.  Once you learn the flow of the stencil system, you will be off creating your own designs in no time!

Tattoo like a Pro!
FREE YouTube tutorials are designed to train you to be a master within minutes!
Subscribe to the TattooPro YouTube channel to have 24/7 access to high quality educational videos for every design sheet.  If you are new to stencils and using an airbrush, begin with studying the single colour tattoo design videos using black airbrush makeup.    You can easily practice along with the videos or just jump right in!
Set up your airbrush and paper on an easel to practice design composition – practice on a model to become a master at maneuvering the stencils on a 3D canvas.

Make More Money ~ Add Colour to Your Design!
Once you develop an understanding of how to use the stencil system, and have discovered the flow of the TattooPro Stencil System, you can now easily add some colour to your tattoo designs.   Colouring in your tattoo is very intuitive, however – it does extend the length of time it takes the artist to complete the design.  There are additional steps to adding colour to your design – and if you still want a realistic looking tattoo, then you will need to use multiple colours including black…
More Steps = More Time = More Money
and this is an EASY sale!  People equally love the classic black and grey tattoos just as much as the colourful tattoos

Instant Business Set-Up

The Tattoo Pro Display Deluxe Bundle is the all in one kit to set up a tattoo booth and start making money, perfect for artists looking to offer something unique and new at outdoor Festivals and indoor Conventions.

The Display Deluxe Bundle includes 12 Stencil Kits, 3 different display banners and a tent with a full color printed canopy.

A Great Return on Investment!

After your first tattoo you will make your money back on the stencil kit itself!    The TattooPro stencil System is designed to beautiful for allowing you to create perfect upsales.

Add colour = more $
Larger body part = more $
Offer longer lasting durable Alcohol based airbrush makeup = more $

The TattooPro Stencil System is designed so the artist can easily expand a design to fit a larger or smaller canvas.

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