• What is Tattoo Pro?

      A new revolutionary airbrush tattoo stencil system that allows the user, with some practice, to easily create realistic airbrush tattoos in minutes.
    • Who is Tattoo Pro for?

      Tattoo Pro is great for makeup artist, body painters, airbrush artists and event entertainers who would like to add realist airbrush tattoos to their lineup of service.  Some different examples that can be done with Tattoo pro; tattooed models for photo shoots, event and festival painting, and providing a test tattoo before getting the real thing
    • How do I use tattoo Pro?

      Tattoo Pro is a freestyle airbrush tattoo stencil system that utilizes both negative AND positive stencil shapes to create intricate looking designs. The tattoo Pro is very easy to use and comes with free training videos that you can check out here.

      These tutorials will teach you how to use the stencils and will also teach you how to create and display your own designs.

      With practice you’ll be an airbrush tattoo pro in no time.

    • How much do I charge to paint an airbrush tattoo?

      What you can charge to paint an airbrush tattoo will vary on the location of your business. There is however a standard formula to base your pricing. First, determine what your hourly rate is per minute. For instance if your hourly rate $120/hr then your rate per minute is $2. Break down the tattoos’ into small, medium, large, xl and sleeve. Charging by the minute, a 5-minute tattoo would be $10, a medium tattoo that takes 10 minutes would be $20, a large 15-minute tattoo equals $30, a sleeve that may take 30mins would be a $60 tattoo. Again this is a suggestion and you will have to find what works the best for you and your area.
    • What is the best way to manage my stencils and pieces?

      1. Our recommended method is investing in a locking mobile file chest(http://www.vaultz.net/sale/sale-mobile-file-storage.html), keeping the stencil and pieces in files for easy organization. The packaging of the Tattoo Pro Stencils can also be used as a storage folder that will work with the file chest. Additionally, Adhesive Sheets (Link) can be purchased that will keep all the small positive stencil pieces in an easy to find spot.
      2. While the Mylar provides a sturdy stencil, due to the high level of detail, you must be carful not to bend or tear the stencil. If handled with care you will extend the life and money making potential of the Stencils.
    • What’s the best way to clean the stencils?

      Tattoo pro stencils are made of solvent proof Mylar and will maintain their structure even under heavy solvents. The best way to clean after light use is to sprizt with 99% alcohol or an alcohol soaked towel and gently wipe the stencil clean. After heavy use, soak the stencil in 99% alcohol for 20 minutes and wipe clean using a lint free cloth.
    • How do I make money using Tattoo Pro?

      The Tattoo Pro Stencils alone will add more options to current airbrush artists, but the Tattoo Pro Stencil Bundles offer any aspiring entrepreneur a head start on their pursuit of being a business owner. The Bundles offer stylized display materials which are generic enough in design allowing for your own unique vision for your airbrush tattoo business. Additionally all Tattoo Pro Kits come with blank material that you can use to create your own designs, selling methods and price displays. With dedication, practice and a good attitude, you should be making money in no time.
  • How do I create my own designs?

    Tattoo Pro™ Stencils are a mix and match system where you can use elements from each of the Stencil sheets to create new and unique designs of your own in addition to the designs provided with display and packaging materials.  Once you learn to mix and match, the amount of design possibilities is endless.

    Each package comes with a blank custom design display sheet which allows you to create and display your own designs easily.