ONLINE WORKSHOP #1 - Introduction to Airbrush Tattoos ft. Tattoo Pro Stencils 

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2 hour Online Workshop - Recorded Live on June 22nd, 2016

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Our First LIVE online workshop !
This 2 hour class is perfect for beginners and newbies. This workshop will cover everything a new airbrush tattoo artist will need to get started including what equipment to get, what to charge and how to apply tattoo pro stencils!  Upon purchasing this class you will be able to access this class anytime you want in the future.

In this class you will learn everything you need to know starting with the airbrush, traveling down the hose to the compressor, the ink/makeup and the stencils… absolutely everything you need to know to get started confidently offering airbrush tattoos as a profitable artistic business.

Topics Covered in Class Include:
– Discover an airbrush as your new body painting tool
– Introduction to 3 different types of airbrushes
– Cleaning your airbrush & maintenance
– How to take your airbrush apart and put it back together
– Three simple ways to troubleshoot your airbrush
– What type of inks/liquid makeup to use
– Three different types of compressors and how to choose one that is best for you
– Introduction to Tattoo Pro stencils
– How to store and clean your stencils
– How to use the stencils

Bonus Tutorial: Lacy Sugar Skull Design
Class Materials: Note paper, a pen and a great attitude
LIVE Q & A!  The bonus of attending the workshop live is this is your chance to ask questions for on the spot answers.  We will have three Q&A opportunities after discussing airbrushes, after discussing compressors and after the Sugar Skull arm tattoo design tutorial!

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