Iwata Power Jet Pro Compressor

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  • $499.95

The Power Jet Pro compressor is equipped with twice the features of the Smart Jet Pro, such as a powerful twin-pump, 1/6 HP motor, and two air pressure regulators for precise adjustment of airflow at two individual workstations. Built with Iwata's Smart Technology, it automatically shuts off when not in use for longer life and a more comfortable working environment.

Features include a 2 L air storage tank and an air reserve for spraying at higher air pressures. Also included are dual adjustable pressure regulators, moisture filters, mounted pressure gauges, quick disconnect ports, and built-in airbrush holders. The compressor is housed in a strong, protective outer case.

Intelligent Power: Featuring Iwata’s Smart Technology, the Smart Jet Pro compressor is perfect for the occasional AND professional artists. It’s powerful, compact, reliable and quiet.  Perfect for airbrush tattoos, face and body art.

Compressor features auto shut off at any pressure.  Also includes Moisture filter with Air Regulator and Gauge.

-Adjustable PSI

-Heavy Duty

-Moisture trap included

-Perfect for Festivals and extended gigs

-Best long-term value for money spent.


**This product drop-ships from Iwata. Please allow extra 3-4 days for deliver of this product.**