Tattoo Pro for Kids; Airbrush Tattoo Hybrid

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This is custom color blend created by Wiser Oner. Tattoo Pro for Kids Special Blend Hybrid is color that most mimics a real tattoo when applied on the skin. It has just the right amount of blue giving a highly realistic effect when used with the Tattoo Pro Stencil System.  This airbrush tattoo hybrid has a smooth flow and dries upon contact making it perfect for using with TAttoo Pro Stencils because of its durability. This Special Blend airbrush tattoo ink is available only at

This Hybrid is perfect for use on younger children for its easy washabiltiy, while at the same time being water/sweat/smudge proof!


-Special blended color for ultimate realism!
-Water Proof and sweat proof!
-Dries on contact.
-Lasts 1-3 days! (when applied properly to clean skin)
-Easily removes with Liquid soap, baby oil or makeup remover
-Perfect for black and grey Airbrush Tattoos on kids or adults!

Works great with  ProAiir Hybrids!


USA orders only.
Delivered separately from stencils.